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2007 Veterans Committee Player Ballot
by Jessica Polko

In addition to the standard voting carried out yearly by the Baseball Writers Association of America, this year the Veterans Committee can elect players from a 27- man ballot and elect managers, umpires, and executives from a 15-man composite ballot. Those ballots were compiled in several steps, which are explained at the Hall of Fame website. The results of these elections will be announced February 27th.

As the composite ballot is identical to the ballot voted upon in 2003 and our opinions on the candidates have not changed, we will not be reviewing that ballot in a separate article. You can read our analysis of those candidates in our 2003 article. We continue to endorse the election of Bill Bavasi, Charles Finley, Doug Harvey, Marvin Miller, Walter O'Malley, Gabe Paul, Bill White, Dick Williams, and Phil Wrigley.

You once again can access an overview of our voting standards in our 2002 HOF article. In the following alphabetical review of the 27 players on the Veterans Committee player ballot, I have linked to our previous commentary for players who also appeared on the 2003 and/or 2005 Veterans Committee ballots. In most cases, I have nothing further to say with regards to these players, but where any change in our opinion has occurred all alterations are noted. A list of the players for whom we would vote if eligible follows the candidate reviews.

Dick Allen received Rotohelp's support as a Veterans Committee candidate in 2003 and 2005.

Bobby Bonds

Ken Boyer

Rocky Colavito

Wes Ferrell

Curt Flood received Rotohelp's support as a Veterans Committee candidate in 2003 and 2005.

Gil Hodges received Rotohelp's support as a Veterans Committee candidate in 2003 and 2005.

Jim Kaat received Rotohelp's vote in 2002 and 2003 as well as our support as a Veterans Committee candidate in 2005.

Mickey Lolich

Sparky Lyle

Marty Marion

Roger Maris

Carl Mays

Minnie Minoso

Thurman Munson

Don Newcombe

Lefty O'Doul wore out his arm in the Pacific Coast League before he received an extended opportunity in the majors. However, he moved from the mound to the outfield and compiled a few quality offensive seasons. After his playing career ended, he earned a respected reputation as a batting instructor and manager in the Pacific Coast League, where he tutored several future stars. He also visited Japan numerous times and aided in founding Japan's first professional team, the Giants, allegedly named after his first major league club. While O'Doul contributed to baseball in a number of ways, we do not believe his accomplishments fit with the current Major League Baseball emphasis of the Hall of Fame.

Tony Oliva

Al Oliver collected three Silver Sluggers and seven All-Star invitations during his eighteen year major league career. He possessed moderate power and retired with a .303 career average, but his accomplishments do not pass over the threshold between very good and great. While Oliver may be fondly remembered by Pittsburgh fans, we do not believe he earned a place in the Hall of Fame.

Vada Pinson

Ron Santo received Rotohelp's support as a Veterans Committee candidate in 2003 and 2005.

Luis Tiant received Rotohelp's support as a Veterans Committee candidate in 2005.

Joe Torre received Rotohelp's support as a Veterans Committee candidate in 2003 and 2005.

Cecil Travis was one of many players with a career cut short by war. However, we do not believe the Washington infielder's performance would merit induction into the Hall of Fame even if he had not been called upon to serve his country, as he established his rather empty .314 career batting average during a high offense decade.

Mickey Vernon likely would own several Gold Gloves at first base had Rawlings instituted the award prior to 1957. During his twenty-season major league career, he received seven All-Star invitations while twice winning the American League batting title. Nevertheless, his overall offensive record falls short of earning him a place in Cooperstown, and his managerial record does not contribute any bonus points.

Maury Wills

Rotohelp's 2005 Veterans Committee Player Ballot
1. Dick Allen
2. Curt Flood
3. Gil Hodges
4. Jim Kaat
5. Ron Santo
6. Luis Tiant
7. Joe Torre

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